Exploring the World of Metin2

Metin2 is set in a fantasy world inspired by Eastern mythology and culture, where players embark on quests, fight monsters, and gain experience and loot to level up their characters. The game’s lore revolves around the conflict between the three kingdoms: Jinno, Chunjo, and Shinsoo, and the mysterious presence of the Metin stones.

The Three Kingdoms

Jinno, Chunjo, and Shinsoo are the three kingdoms of Metin2. Each kingdom has a unique culture and history, and players can choose to join one of them when creating their characters.

Jinno is a kingdom of honor and discipline, ruled by Emperor Jinno. Its people are skilled in martial arts and value strength and loyalty above all else. Jinno is located in the east, and its emblem is the dragon.

Chunjo is a kingdom of wisdom and nature, ruled by Empress Chunjo. Its people are experts in magic and alchemy and value harmony and balance. Chunjo is located in the south, and its emblem is the phoenix.

Shinsoo is a kingdom of power and prosperity, ruled by Emperor Shinsoo. Its people are wealthy and ambitious, and value innovation and progress. Shinsoo is located in the west, and its emblem is the tiger.

The Metin Stones

The Metin stones are mysterious artifacts that appear randomly throughout the world of Metin2. They are said to have been created by an ancient civilization and possess great power.

When a Metin stone is activated, it releases powerful monsters and causes the nearby wildlife to mutate and become aggressive. Players can destroy the Metin stone and its guardians to gain valuable loot and experience.

However, the Metin stones are not just a source of power and wealth. They also hold a dark secret, as they seem to be linked to the appearance of demons and the corruption of humans. Some scholars believe that the Metin stones are a curse and a warning of impending doom.


Metin2 is a rich and diverse world full of mystery and wonder. Its lore and setting draw from Eastern mythology and culture, creating a unique and immersive experience for players. Whether you’re exploring the Three Kingdoms or fighting against the corruption of the Metin stones, there’s always something new and exciting to discover in the world of Metin2.

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